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 TheCEOYou Plan is designed to help  families and individuals live free and have choices. This can't be left to chance.  Could some of you get lucky?  Sure.  However, most of us will need to have a plan and a system to get there.  The CEOYou Plan is designed to do just that.  While we do help people design and implement such a plan,  it is important that you do take the steps to create a plan and a path to complete your goals.  That is why we have an active guide to help you in this process.  So, if you do this totally yourself, or ask for help from others, this guide will help you.  Most of us have a team that we, as part of the CEOYou gang, use to help us.  Each team member probably has an area of expertise and you use them for that specialty.  However, as CEOYou, it is vital that each person and family can coordinate each of those areas to meet the goals.  The CEOYou Plan guide will share:

  • How research being done since the 1940's can be used to set a plan and how to use a process to set up goals and how to fund those goals
  • How you should view your money and how to give your money a purpose
  • How the decisions you make today affect your tomorrow and the impact of debt
  • Why percentages of return can be deceiving and what may be the more important component
  • What the effect of market loss and how it may be your enemy in reaching your financial goals
  • The tax man is coming…what if you could influence when they will show up?
  • How social security collection options could affect you and your family.  Your decisions could affect your cash flow today and your nest egg tomorrow and beyond.
  • Why tracking your progress is important and why it is important to have a process do it.

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