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About Al Tubbergen

Experience You Can Count On

No earthly person cares about you, your goals, or your money MORE THAN you.  While we, and others care and work for your goals, you need to be your own CEO.  I believe that it is my job to be part of your team that can help you reach your goals.   This can be done through our resources and services that are designed to give you financial liberty and provide you choices.  Your choices.  

I believe that you, as CEOYou, need to protect, live and give:

  • Protect:  You need to protect what is important to you.  Protect your family,and protect the funding and cash flow for you and your basic lifestyle.   Protect your profits.  Protect your own identity.  Protect your legacy.
  • Live: You need to identify what is important to you and live a fulfilled life.  It is NOT just about the money, but money does fund what you want today and will unless we return to the barter system of long ago. Find the tools, strategies, and solutions that will make it possible to do what you outline to live a fulfilled life.  
  • Give:  I believe we should live with thankfulness and gratitude.  I also believe that if we complete the protect and live portion, we have a better likelihood of being able to give to our families, charities and communities and will lead to greater fulfillment.  There are tools and strategies you can use to help your CEOYou plan complete the giving portion of your plan too.

The team of specialists, companies, partners, and myself look forward to helping you meet your defined CEOYou goals.